Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 4: Don't Touch Me ... We're in Firenze

Next to the Borghese Palace is the Firenze Tourist Bureau 
with some lovely classical statuary in its doorway.

The day began with J not feeling great. It was a quiet day. The day was shaping up to be as hot as the day before so R zipped out and bought a few sandwiches for her and himself and decided to stay in while I made the trip to the Accademia Gallery with our friends. R had been there many years ago and graciously offered to stay with J so that I could go.

Down past Il Duomo, we dodge the tourists and try and stay in the shade. It is another blazing hot day. Tempers flared a bit. The phrase of the day appeared to be "Don't touch me" as we were all so hot and not a bit irritated.
A column next to our hotel

The most impressive thing about the Accademia is the thirteen foot statue of David – which is even more awe-inspiring in person. P, a notorious joker, managed to take a photo of David which included a stuffed chicken that they have been carrying around during the trip and posing in various locations.

Of course, the day’s travels ended with another trip the gelateria – this one called Festival di Gelato which has the widest variety we have seen so far.

J still not well, so R goes ff to have dinner with friends and I play nursemaid. Luckily he brings back some fantastic Japanese food from Sushi Nami a few blocks from us on Via Matteo Palmieri 9. Yes, I know, Japanese food in Firenze? But it was great! Tomorrow we take a train to Roma ...

Many buildings here in Firenze have these beautiful paintings, 
sometimes of religious images, inset in the corner of the buildings.

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