Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lina Medaglia's The Demons of Aquilonia

My friend and colleague, Lina Medaglia, recently published a new book entitled The Demons of Aquilonia (Inanna Publications, 2009). Lina read with us at The (Not So) Nice Italian Girls & Friends reading at supermarket on January 19th, 2010. See the pics from the event here. Please view a intriguing video promo for the book here
Praise for Lina Medaglia's work:

Be prepared to be transported into the world of Southern Italy to the sleepy sun-drenched village of Aquilonia, a place rich in lies, betrayal, secrets, and family tradition. With an engaging voice and a flair for dialogue, Lina Medaglia creates characters and stories, layer after layer that engage and disturb. In the style of Nino Ricci, she paints a vivid portrait of an Italian village and its villagers that you will not forget. A wonderful read by an appealing storyteller.
Maria Coletta McLean, author of My Father Came from Italy

The strong narrative flow and exquisite use of poetic and lyrical language draw the reader into the vibrant folds of this auto/biographical fiction, creating compassionate connections with the characters that often took my breath away, made my heart stop. The novel reminds readers of the complexity of the human condition, of the necessity of challenging the patriarchal and political status quo, and of the complex challenges that originate for women of first- and second-generation immigrant families, and even subsequent ones, from their birth places.
Erika Hasebe-Ludt, co-author of Life Writing and Literary Métissage as an Ethos for Our Times

The life and family of Licia Giganteschi make for a complex and alluring story of love and hate, fate and courage. Family intrigue festers for generations below the surface of an Italian village and seems inescapable even in Toronto; that is, until Licia can finally conquer the demons by finding the truth.
Maria Cioni, author of Spaghetti Western: How My Father Brought Italian Food to the West

Order the book here! You won't be disappointed.

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