Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween P.S.

This is the first year that J has gone out sans parent to trick or treat - she went with two close friends this year whom she has known since she was three. The girls had an instant rapport and have remained friends ever since then.

This new development was making the husband a little sad. He usually walks around with J; I hand out the candy because I love to see the little kids' costumes. But those days are over!

J was a hockey referee (again - none of that princess stuff for J) with her hockey helmet, a white and black striped shirt and a whistle. Her other friends were an "Ipod" and a "grand lady" in ball gown complete with a black wig of curls. Such a cute and odd configuration of costumes ...

I saw the little girl, S, a neighbour (she is four) too with her band of siblings and the four kids that live across the street. A few days ago she knocked on my door and asked my daughter to give me something. It was an elaborate card made of red construction paper with fantastic multi-coloured squiggles on it, and my name.

I was pleased but a little surprised. I could not surmise to what I owed this honour. She is one of my favourites in the neighborhood that is filled with at least a dozen children under ten. She said to J, I know it's not your mom's birthday but ... She is absolutely lovely, a little spitfire and quite beautiful with her enormous blue eyes and porcelain skin.

The next day I went to her house to thank her and ask her why she had given me the card. She was embarrassed, but pleased, I think. She could not seem to articulate the reason for the gift. Her mom said that she just felt like doing it. Oh lord, here come the waterworks I thought. I was very touched by this lovely gift.

I asked her what her costume would be for Halloween. She said that she wanted to surprise everyone but was having a hard time containing herself. But I will give you a clue ... It starts with a "K". Or a "C", her mom said smiling as she gently corrected her.

Hmm, okay, I agreed that I wanted to be surprised.

The next night, I saw a small "black cat" in a black leotard and black face mask, two black protruding cat ears and tail, prancing across our lawn with her confreres. These included: Indiana Jones, a pirate, a Jedi Knight, a witch, a small bear and a very tiny lion who was just learning to walk. Absolutely enchanting!

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