Wednesday, May 14, 2008

La figlia, sua Mamma e sua Nonna

Mother's Day! What a complex, wonderous joy it has been to be J's mother (for the most part). We have our rocky days like anyone - yesterday morning for instance, tears and recriminations all around about a pair of missing swimming goggles! Ai yi yi - le lacrime!

But I am total marshmallow about my kid and handmade gifts like this one pictured above that she made for Mother's Day. J made it at The Clay Room on the Danforth. She saw an illustration in a book there and copied it by hand on to the plate. R made pancakes for all, a Sunday tradition. He had made a CD of classical baroque music and gave me a gift certificate for my favourite store French Country. Oh Daisy! I was a happy duck ...

My sister had a great idea, she asked that we all have cavati at her house and invite Nonna, all the sibs, their partners and the kids and partake at her spiffy apartment. The cavati look like this but we don't serve it with pork gravy (how strange) - we use just plain tomato sauce. Cavati are hand made, homemade pasta, shaped a bit like gnocchi but smaller, and very dense. Delicious!

I remember one of the first times that I brought the prospective husband home to meet the extended family. The aunts (or possibly Nonna, my mother) were serving cavati. One of my numerous uncles was trying to teach R how to say the word cavati. So R said, perfectly clearly, perfectly well ,"Cavati". Uncle said, "No, repeat after me: CA-VA-TI". So R said again perfectly clearly,"Ca-va-ti". Again he heard, "No, CA-VA-TI!" By this time, R and I are exchanging mischievous glances. This went on for some time.

Now spelling out ca-va-ti is our code word for someone deliberately mishearing or misunderstanding something you've said.

So we had a great day and lovely gifts. In particular, my sistah gave us a framed photo of the three of us from two years ago. It's so rare to have a nice shot of all three family members!

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