Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mad about the boy ...

My job yesterday:
Return J's newly bought grad shoes for the correct size
Buy your Father's day gift and card
Buy wine for dinner at the in-laws
Get gift certificates for b-i-laws and hon. grandfather C
Get Father's Day cards for all
Buy dessert for dinner at the in-laws
    Your job yesterday:
    Get a cranky teenager out of bed, dressed and ready to go so that we could buy her grad dress when I come home from completing the above.
      Two hours after I left the house, was this done? Sadly no. Fuming, after letting loose a few ill conceived sarcastic remarks I flee upstairs to my computer in a maternal sulk.

      What you did do this week and all this month:
      Reassure me that J will be well enough to resume the school year.
      Deal with the hassle of a bathroom reno and casual workers who disappear during the World Cup.
      Pick up the tiles for the bathroom (twice) and all the other hundred little things that we needed. 
      Argue with the Rogers Cable people (for this alone I adore you).
      Let me focus on organizing my readings, giving me space to write, giving me space.
      Let me spend time with mom when she was not well without griping about it.
      Cleaning the basement apartment with me, painting the bathroom and much more. 
        If this is (sometimes) a man's role, then you do it superbly well. Happy Father's Day my love! I know you will ask me to remove your picture but can I keep it up for a little while?

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