Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Birthday Bash

Rob and Michelle celebrated their joint birthdays on 
February 27th, 2010 with friends and family at the Pilot Tavern.

Michelle and Rob - her birthday is in June, his is in December 
so they decided to celebrate in February. It's a very long story ... 


I don't care what they say ... 
friends Val Crawford and Paul Wong always photograph beautifully.  

Two of our best buds and neighbors Alex Sosa & Chris Wright.

Friends Mike D'Orsay and Louise Barton


R's sister Tami Fujimoto and our s-i-l Julie Rae.

Our b-i-l Terry Nolan shaking it like a Polaroid
with (left to right) Marty Prangley, Tami & Masha.

Rob with Vistek friend Pam Westoby

Friend and agent provocateur Al Maggi

I cugini, Cal Matteliano and Silvia Cino, M's first cousins

R's rockstar bro Todd

 The love birds Tami, R's sister and our b-i-l Terry


Rob, being Rob, with sister Tami.

Michael & Kathy Yamashita, R's cousin.

B-i-l Terry with the ladies (as usual).
From left to right: Julie, Brenda Prangley and Tami

Cousin Shane Takaki looking a little alarmed (told ya to smile Shane!).

Party girls Jenn and Tami

Friend Jenn Gedala and our cousin-law Sudha Takaki

M & R, up close and personal.


S-i-l Julie and M

Tony Kilgannon and cousin-in-law David Maude.

 Debbie and cousin Cal.

Tami, Terry and a captive Michelle

The wild Descant gals:
Tina Francisco, Mary Newberry and Karen Mulhallen.

Friend from Vistek Chris Wilkie

Friends Stephanie Maxwell & Rishi Vasudeva

Rishi and Pam

Rishi, Brian and Chris

Friend Teo Salgado and his fiancee Masha Solorzano

M with friend Eric S.

Friends Mike Schuler and Daphne Loukidelis

Friends Wendy Gray and Bruce Morrison

Friends Sherry McEwen and Rod Muller

Friends Byron Kautto and Brian Reardon, the bad boys of Vistek

Michelle and Tina Francisco


Rob shaking it up with ... Bruce, Rod, Terry, Marty and Jenn.

Friends Brenda and Marty Prangley 


The Vistek gang

The boisterous UofT gang.

Marty and Brenda


Vistek friend Andrew Ross

Todd and Steve, Sixteen Handles

Steve, Leader singer of Sixteen Handles,
a band started by R's brother Todd

Todd, Mark, Steve

Pensive Rob ... taken by Pam Westoby


All comedies end in marriage ...

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