Saturday, August 15, 2009

Titanic destruction ...

R sent me this link about abandoned buildings in Hamilton photographed by Jonathan Castellino. Look at these photos ...

The picture above is of the Royal Connaught at King and John streets in Hamilton where R and I spent our wedding night (well, perhaps not the exact spot). The Connaught was the best hotel in Hamilton and very beautiful - now abandoned ... Sadly, I was reminded of pictures of the Titanic when I saw these, the striking combination of decay and elegance.

Apparently, in 2008, the realtor Harry Stinson made a proposal for a 100-storey building to be called the Connaught Towers to the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce. It was to become the tallest building in Canada. Three months later, he closed up the Connaught Towers sales office in downtown Hamilton and the project was officially canceled.

Other pics on the site include the Lister Block and buildings in the downtown core. What an eye this guy has. Thanks Jonathan for sharing these.

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