Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Made Up of Arias Waterloo Launch

Publisher/wunderkind Christian Snyder

ALC reading from Made Up of Arias

La Mamma with ALC. Rumor has it she tried to
autograph a few books when my back was turned
under her pen name Seraphina Pentangeli.

Cousin Cal and ALC. Cal is my eldest cousin
from my mom's side and drove from Mississauga
to be at the launch. A very busy guy (father of five!)
and a real rock in the Morreale family (Mamma's side).
He exclaimed exuberantly after the reading,
"Hey, I didn't know you could write!"
Thanks kiddo, I don't think they heard you in the cheap seats.

The gorgeous uberhusband R at the launch.
Unfortunately R was very ill with bronchitis
but braved the long drive to lend moral support.

Lovely Penny Winspur, Blaurock Press Editor and my personal "best gal ever",
with Stan Johannesen, Blaurock Press Senior Editor,
at another recent event. Alas, I did not get a photo of her at my launch, much to my regret.

Stan and ALC,
who, despite appearances, is truly awake.

Friends Mel and Helen with ALC. A great couple!
They bought me a pen set to congratulate me at the launch. I put the pen to good use.

Charlie, my brother, being coy (and adorable as is his wont), and Tony, a good friend,
with ALC unable to keep her eyes open during photos.

La sorellina Franca, looking fetching as usual, and the author.

What a wonderful night! Despite the awful weather and tricky roads we managed to arrive on time in Waterloo. Family and friends came from quite a distance. Husband R and camera shy daughter J, Mamma, my sorella Franca and her friend Tony, my brother Charlie, my cousin Peter from Hamilton. Friends Mel and Helen and Cal, a first cousin, from Mississauga ... quite a troop! Missing from the photos is Peter - sorry I didn't get a photo of you Pete.

There were six readers (I was the sixth) - three readers from Coach House, three from Blaurock Press. This is a bit nerve wracking (being last) but there is no way around these sorts of things. It is what it is ...

In the strange way that these things happen, I realized belatedly that one of the readers, Margaret Christakos, a writer and poet, had been the one who had selected the original story "Opera" (on which the novella Made Up of Arias is based) and featured it in the quarterly Fireweed. Fireweed submitted the story to the Journey Prize competition and it became one of the ten finalists and was included in the anthology that year.

The following year I expanded the story into this novella which sat in a drawer for many years until Stan accepted it at Blaurock Press. How odd, how strange and wonderful, that we shared a stage last night.

I didn't cry. I feared I would. I cried every day for a week after the book was published just from the excess of emotion I felt. I didn't mess up - I didn't shame myself or the family, I think. What a relief and a joy it was. Thank you everyone!


Anonymous said...

It's not that I didn't want my photo on your blog...it's just I didn't feel comfortable. Anyway I am so happy for you! I hope we get to publish that little picture book. :-)


P.S Now I can tell everyone, "MY mom is a writer and SHE wrote a book." Hehehe :-)

P.S.S Good luck in the future and I will see you in the morning.

Daughter of a writer, J

Anonymous said...

It was a great evening; everything that you deserved! Bronchitis was not going to keep me from being there with you, J, and all our family and friends. - R

Unknown said...

Congratulations! You look lovely in your pics, surrounded by such a supportive group of family and friends. xoxo Maria

Anonymous said...

It is true! I didn't know you could write! I am very proud of you. It is a good feeling to see a family member excel. You deserve credit for what you have accomplished. I look forward to your nexk book. Lillino.

Unknown said...


It was lovely meeting you on Monday, and your reading was beautiful.

Your family sounds like mine (very close, and many in number)!


A Lit Chick said...

Michael, thank you so much! I wish we had a chance to speak ... it was such an intense evening for me. I was just rushing around trying to talk to my family. Best wishes on your new book!