Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just call me for the AGM in the morning baby ...

Lobby of the Lord Nelson
I pack up to leave the Waverley Inn at 830am and head for the Lord Nelson Hotel for the AICW's breakfast and AGM. I'd like to tell you the results of the meeting but then I'd have to kill you ... But seriously, the concerns of the Association are not much different than any other writers' associations: where shall we have our next bi-annual conference? A domestic or international location? How do we increase our younger membership? An accounting of the financial results for the last two years. Who will serve on the next executive? Are there other groups that we can work with in our own communities?

Trying to figure out how to get to the airport after the meeting. I would rather not pay that extra $53 for the cab. At the last minute Jim Zucchero offers me an airport shuffle chit and off I go. I line up at the Halifax Public Gardens for the 12.55 shuttle and the bus is promptly there. When a young woman across from me purchases a two way ticket the bus driver is mildly surprised, saying, "Finally, somebody's coming back!" Gotta love that Halifax humour ... I wish I had more of a chance to explore the city while here. Must save it for another trip.

Flight to Montreal delayed 30 minutes ... hope this is not a sign of what's to come with Air Canada. I heard some rumblings before I left about pilots and baggage handlers being a bit obstreperous. Solidarity forevvverrr ... at least tonight fellas, at least tonight. Hate connecting flights. Seem to be the only one in the AICW group who has one (lucky me). What do I want for my airmiles any way? But I arrive well in time for the connecting flight at 6.30p in Montreal. So anxious to be home.

Same chicken wrap, almonds and chocolate for dinner. I know this is a small plane but ... really ... five passengers have to move to the back in order for the plane to take off? Boy, I long for the days when flying was glamorous, luxurious ... what must that have been like? Well, let's count our small blessings: I have a seat with no adjoining passenger beside me. My cough is finally tapering off. I am almost finished my book (Graham Greene's Brighton Rock).  Hey, things are looking pretty good. And ... it was a really nice trip.

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