Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My First Review

Oooooh, so much rests upon the opinion of others when you write. How sad we are ... how little makes us happy! Today I saw my first review of Made Up of Arias in a journal called Partners which is directed towards the Italo-Canadian business community in Toronto but always includes a section on arts and culture.

A very nice review ... written by fiction writer Julie Booker which took up a whole page with a picture of the book cover. It's an intelligent review - not just because she liked the book but because she knows a bit about opera herself and understands that it is a metaphor for the Pentangelis' life.

She talks about the plot in great detail and then concludes:
"Alfano is a keen observer, with an eye for detail and a gift for humour. ... This charming story is well worth reading."

Thank you Ms. Booker ... from your mouth to God's ears!

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