Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The World of Gaia

Every once in a while your Internet meandering leads you to a beautiful blog ... such were my wanderings the other day. I was googling Blood & Aphorisms, a now defunct lit journal that I volunteered with many years ago as Fiction Editor. One of the writers that was published in B&A now has a film out based on one of his books (see the soon to be published Pontypool entry).

I was feeling a bit nostalgic and wondering if the mag would get many google entries. B&A was the first lit mag that captivated me and that I volunteered with (you never forget your first they say). Not as many entries as I would have liked to see but there was something about one of the anthologies that B&A produced where I had a story called "You Can't be Too Strong" featured. I cribbed the title from a Graham Parker song which used to be a favourite of mine.

I found the lovely blog, The World of Gaia, which I was immediately smitten with ... original photography, poetry, gorgeous design ... what is that new phrase where you are googling yourself (oh yes self-googling or ego-surfing)? Guilty as charged, but I'm glad I did as I never would have found this blog. Gaia had reprinted a small section of a story I had in a B&A anthology which had to do with being raised in an Italian family. What a moving entry she made to accompany this excerpt.

I have added her blog to my blogroll. Please visit The World of Gaia, often.

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