Monday, September 12, 2011

Foiled ... but findng Fellini

Curses, foiled!

I wanted to see A Dangerous Method directed by David Cronenberg at the TIFF Bell Lightbox but a slow streetcar arrival put me way in the back of the rush line, too far back to get a seat despite waiting for an hour in the line-up.

In the line-up I saw Atom Egoyan on his cellphone walking around the block twice. I mentioned it to the two American ladies I was chatting with from Buffalo in the line-up and they said, "Who?" That was pretty funny ... the second time he came around one said, "Where is he? I want to take a picture!" Why? You have no idea who I am talking about, I thought.

I gave up on the rush line and went into the Lightbox to see the Fellini: Spectacular Obsessions exhibit and as I did I saw both Piers Handling, Director & CEO of TIFFG, and the Canadian director Deepa Mehta getting into a limo. The crowds are quite dense here during the festival and the restaurant was packed.

The exhibit held photographs and stills from his films, Italian gossip mags from the 50s and 60s that inspired Fellini; copies of comics and a telenovela that he contributed to; pictures of the 50s pin ups that might have inspired him; a section on Giulietta Masina, his wife; some photos of celebrity culture and paparazzi inspired by the character of Paparazzo in La Dolce Vita; a special section on Swedish actress Anita Ekberg ... it took away a bit of the sting of not seeing Cronenberg's film.

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